FIFA World Cup Brazil | Analysis, Visualisation

Date: 2014-06-13

Link: Visualisation, Article

Code: Proprietary

Language: German

The visualisation provides information about the 32 national teams that are taking part in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil (listed on the left side) and the leagues in which their players are earning their money (listed on the right side). Thus, hovering one of the teams on the left side shows in which leagues its 23 nominees are playing. This works out as well in the other direction, indicating how many internationals from the participating teams are playing in the selected league.

I developed this visualisation from scratch, starting with a PDF-file that contains information about the team squads in tabular form. After extracting the data, I figured out how to present its in a conceivable way. After discarding the idea of using a map, I've chosen a more abstract representation that suits the characteristics of the data better. Then, I implemented it in JavaScript using D3. In terms of modularization and build process I was supported by my team at Sueddeutsche Zeitung.