Oliver Schnuck

I am a data journalist currently working at BR Data, the data journalism unit of Bayerischer Rundfunk / ARD (German public broadcast). A computer and social scientist by training, I draw on a sound statistical education. Below you find a selection of stories I was involved in. Besides, I've given talks at conferences like SciCAR and Netzwerk Recherche or meet-ups as Hacks/Hackers.

Discrimination | Experiment, Analysis, Text

Non-Voters | All

Election Programs | Machine Learning

Crystal Meth | Analysis, Visualisation, Robo-Text

Dividend Stripping | Scraping, Analysis, Visualisation

Tourism in Times of Climate Change | Analysis, Visualisation, Dashboard

Election Losses FDP | Visualisation

FIFA World Cup Brazil | Analysis, Visualisation

EC 100m Men | Visualisation

Gentrification | Analysis, Visualisation, Thesis

Tax Plans Die Grünen | All